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Seeing a lot of these lately

I have been seeing a lot of these lately. Fender American Standard Strat and Strat Plus guitars from the 90’s with the infamous “bathtub route”. Fender routed too close to the bridge to make room for a humbucker resulting in the bridge studs caving in to the pickup route. These guitars are also weak at […]

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Humidifying your guitar during the cold (dry) months is extremely important. If you don’t humidify your guitar it is likely to crack and warp in a variety of ways. Each year, I perform many expensive repairs on guitars that have been neglected and not humidified. Ideally, Guitars are built at around 50 percent humidity. Keeping […]

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Vintage or CRAPPY?

There is a lot of talk about vintage guitars. This is partly because everybody wants one and partly because vintage guitars often need much explanation. Unless you have been with a guitar every minute since it was built you can’t be sure of it’s history. People often make claims that a particular is all original […]

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Capo Versus Tuning

I have had the good fortune to accompany many great songwriters. I have, on occasion encountered the phenomenon I like to call Capo versus tuning. First, a little bit about tuning. When a guitar is in tune, unless a string slips or stretches, playing it cannot make it go flat. However, strings can be inadvertently […]

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