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Custom Guitars and Basses


Nicholas Tremulis and custom electrified dobro

Geoff Benge Guitar!!! Man, I miss Chris Whitley today. We both played Dobros we’d electrified for stage and recording. We used to compare notes with anything new we heard of and tried. All conversations ended with a shrug. It was always a troublesome marriage. You could get some weird feedback and run with it but mostly it was a battle with no winner. Enter this beast designed by Geoff Benge. This thing sounds great at any volume and never looses its dobro character. I wish Whitley were still around. He’d love this fucking thing


Lucite Guitars and Basses

Check out the new clear guitars I am making from luciteā€¦ six string guitar, longhorn baritone and eight string bass. Geoff Benge custom built lucite guitars.


Here is the experience of one owner of one of Geoff’s custom lucite Danelectro baritone guitars…

“Hi Geoff! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the lush, deep tones from my recently purchased lucite Danelectro baritone… It plays awesome through my big bass amp and pours out the most harmonically rich sound ever, full of open chime and ringing overtones…”

Thanks! T. Fox