Guitar Repair

Jobs we do all the time

Set-ups, fretdress, pickup install, bridge reglue, crack repair, broken headstock, refret, new nut, intonated saddle, neck reset, new tuners, fix jack, new pots, replace switch, loose braces, make pickguard, defret, You name it we can do it.


Doing  a neck reset on  Billy Corgan’s 70’s Gibson acoustic

A badly damaged acoustic before and after

Our Special Fretwork

Often neglected, much misunderstood, the condition of your frets and fingerboard play a major role in the playability and tone of your instrument. I have probably spent more time doing fretwork than any other type of repair. Whether you have worn out frets or a guitar with a neck that can’t be adjusted, come on in and talk to me about how my fretwork is different.


Custom inlay and rosettes

Inquire if you have a project or idea. For a special gift or a unique accent to your instrument. We can make it happen for you.


Parts and Accessories

Many of the jobs we do are unique per customer requests. We specialize in designing and fabricating parts and accessories not available anywhere else.
We can make a guitar or parts out of almost anything.
We are an authorized dealer for:

  • Seymour Duncan
  • Dimarzio
  • Fishman pick-ups
  • Fralin
  • WD
  • GHS
  • Ernie Ball